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Home School Agreement

Working Together - Home and school partnership

We place great emphasis on the partnership between parents/carers and the school to develop successful learning for your children.

From their entry, children are encouraged to share reading books at home.

As children move through the school they will have more activities to share at home, supporting and extending work done in class, thus developing good homework habits.

It is important for children to have time to relax and play at home and participate in after school activities. Homework activities are planned carefully to allow time for tasks to be completed.

Home – School Contact

We enjoy talking about your child’s progress and helping them to succeed and be happy.

Parents/carers are welcome in the school as good communication with parents and carers is important in fostering an interest in your children’s education. If you would like to speak with your child's class teacher, please call the office to make an appointment.

We will contact you if the need arises, for example, if your child has more than a superficial injury or is feeling unwell.

To keep parents/carers informed about school news, a weekly newsletter is sent home via by Parentmail. Newsletters and other documents are posted on the website.

Home School Agreement 2021-22

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