St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Register of Interests

Declaration of Interests 2023-2024

Governor  Declaration of Interests Date 
Nigel Feast - Chair Nil  September 2023
Paul Saxby - Vice Chair  Children attending the  School  September 2023
Sarah Surman - Foundation  Grandchildren attending the School  September 2023
Clare Paine - Foundation  Employed with a local florist  September 2023
David Kelly - Foundation  Nil  September 2023
Natalie Sadlier - Foundation  A child attending the school   September 2023
Nabil Zaker - LA Nil  September 2023
Dermott McArdle - Staff Deputy Head of School  September 2023
Damien McKeever - Head  Head Teacher of School  September 2023
Fr Simon Dray - Associate Member 
Ann Craddock 

Clerk to Governors with St Mary Star of the Sea, St Richard's, Chantry, St Peter & Pauls and Crowhurst.

Clerk to the Corporation at Bexhill College until November 2023