St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Health & Safety Statement

The Headteacher and Governors of St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School believe that the health and safety of persons within the school is of paramount importance.  It is our intention to prevent accidents and occupational ill health and where possible eliminate hazards in the workplace.

It is the intent of the Headteacher and Governors of the school to ensure that a safe and healthy workplace is provided and maintained for all our employees.  This will include the provision of safe systems of work, safe plant and equipment and a safe access and egress to the premises.  We will ensure that adequate information, instruction, training and supervision is provided to ensure that staff can carry out their work safely.

The Headteacher and Governors will ensure that others who are affected by our activities are not subjected to risks to their health and safety.  This will include pupils, visitors, parents, volunteers and contractors.

These responsibilities will be achieved by the establishment of an effective health and safety management system within the school.  This will involve the implementation of arrangements for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of preventative and protective measures.  In addition the Headteacher and Governors will undertake to ensure compliance with policy and guidance produced by the Children’s Services Department.

The Headteacher and Governors will ensure that adequate resources are identified for health and safety.

We believe that health and safety standards will be maintained only with the co-operation of all staff, pupils and visitors to the school.  We expect all staff to co-operate fully with this policy.  In addition we will ensure that all pupils, visitors and contractors are provided with the information they require to enable them to comply with this policy.

It is the intention of the Headteacher and Governors that procedures to ensure relevant health and safety issues are embedded within the curriculum at all levels where appropriate.

The effectiveness of the policy will be regularly monitored to ensure that health and safety arrangements are being implemented and that the people named in the policy are carrying out their duties.